Over the past year I've done a handful of projects with 4.0 Schools and the companies and schools going through their Launch program.

4.0 Schools is a community of entrepreneurs, educators, and families that believes school can be dramatically better for every child.

The biggest project was their Impact Report titled 'The Orange Headband Report’. It showcases the companies and schools that have gone through their programs, and shows through statistics and testimonials the impact that 4.0 Schools is having on education.

I worked with 4.0 Schools over the course of a month and half narrowing down content and finding ways to visually show their impact through illustrations, graphs and layouts showcasing alumni. Scroll through the PDF below to see the final version.

I've also spent time working with the companies going through 4.0 Schools' programs, helping these very early-stage companies and schools develop brand identities.

These include The Noble Minds Institute for Whole Child Learning, a school focused on individualized, rigorous, and relevant instruction. I helped them create a logo and associated brand idenitity.

And blink blink, a company distributing creative circuit kits specifically focused on girls, teaching them basic circuit theory, design thinking, and engineering logic.

Bonus picture - the cake 4.0 made for their 4th birthday based on my party invitation gif!

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