Global Game Jam / Winter 2016, NYC

What I did: Game/Web Designer & Front-End Developer is an in-progress game that puts you in the seat of someone trying to date in the hard world of lumberjacks and lumberjack enthusiasts.

You try to impress different people in order to get their numbers and go on a second date. Pretty straightforward - but as you play the options you have to say to your date and the way they respond gets stranger and stranger until THE END (spoiler warning).


Integrate Hackathon / Fall 2015, Bay Area

What I did: Designer & Front-End Developer (Bootstrap)

itinity is a web platform to generate personalized vacation itineraries based on a short personality test. Built with Meteor and Boostrap.

The site isn't live, but you can check out the code here. To run it, type meteor into your terminal.


Ludum Dare / Summer 2015, Bay Area

What I did: Art & Code (p5)

Drop spiders on the friendly rainbow warriors.

My game jam partner and I used the library to create this game. Our biggest challenge was getting the characters to move the way we wanted, but it was interesting to explore another way to use the p5 library.


Global Game Jame / Winter 2015, Maryland

What I did: Pixel art and animation, level design, character design, writing

COGnizant is the partially finished story of a double-monocled robot who one day learns about the concept of infinity, and goes on an adventure to prove that the universe is, in fact, finite. In the initial idea, the game would end when the robot's batteries run out.

This game was the first time I had worked with pixel art, and I had a blast making and animating the characters.

Justice Cat

Startup Weekend Global Startup Battle / Fall 2014, DC

What I did: App design and ui development, concept and design prototyping and testing

Justice Cat is a bit like Waze for people without cars. It maps both crime and instances of street harassment, and shows the best path to take at a give time.

The Justice Cat link above links to a prototype, showing an example of how the app could function. It looks and works best on a mobile screen.

Lobbyist Lookup

Hack for Change NOVA / Summer 2014, Virginia

What I did: Design and front-end development

Lobbyist Lookup is a fully functional web and ios app that allows government employees to check whether or not someone works for a Lobbyist organization before accepting a gift or invitation from them. Before this app there was no way to easily look up this information, anyone interested in following the law had to check the House and Senate websites separately.

Lobbyist Lookup won first place at Hack for Change NOVA 2014.

Keep Academy

The Feast Hackathon / Fall 2013, NYC

What I did: Design and development

Keep Academy is an online platform that promotes learning through the organization of community events and projects. Created using Rails, Bootstrap, and Flat UI.

Startup Weekend / Summer 2013, Seattle

What I did: Design and front-end development

My very first Startup Weekend, I worked on a project called, an app that helped parents going through a divorce deal with payments and scheduling around their kids.

I worked with a team of two other developers to create the app, including a working payments interface. The project ended up winning second place!

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