I spent June 2015 at ITP Camp giving workshops, playing with the laser cutters, 3d printer, and wood shop, and learning more about creative coding.

You can read more about my experience on the Vidcode blog.

My final project at camp was a game reflecting anyone standing in front of a camera warped into a shadow world version of themselves.

Players put on masks to get into character, and screamed into the piece trying to use their voice to break through the space barrier. If they were loud enough they broke through and evil laughter played loudly. This was especially fun, because people were understandably self-conscious screaming during an art show.

The patterns were added to the masks using a process of hydrographic print transfer.

The horns were 3D printed.

The visualization of the game was created using the p5.js library. Check out the code.

This is an initial sound visualization using the p5.js sound library, a version one of what eventually became my final.

See the final game

Be sure to make some noise.

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